This portable Compact Hand Mister will come in real handy on hot, humid days.

You'll be the envy of your friends (and strangers) when to take out this one and start spraying yourself. 

Easy to operate, this 70mL Compact hand mister will cool you down on a hot day or after a hard work out.  Just fill with water, pump and mist to enjoy an ultra-fine cooling mist

There are no batteries. With just a few pumps you’ll have a steady stream of fine water quickly cooling you.

Great for cooling off at sporting matches

Unlike standard spray bottles, this portable mister won’t make you feel soaked. The MicroMist delivers a flash of cooling mist to relieve you instantly. The fine water molecules evaporate removing the heat energy in the air. This process instantly reduces the surrounding temperature by up to 10°C.

Easily fits in your pocket or bag.

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