PQ Collection is a new premium quality collection of Merino Wool knitwear treated with ProQuip’s industry leading water repellent finish.

The classic block colour style is accented by a two-tone stripe detail inside the collar and all garments have ribbed cuffs and hems to provide a superior level of fit.

This subtle branding makes PQ Collection the perfect product range for customers wishing to add embroidered club cresting or corporate branding.

All ProQuip knitwear garments benefit from total easy care performance and are machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. Ironing the garments enhances water repellency.

PQ Collection – All garments (S-XXL)

Features and Benefits of PQ Collection Merino Wool

• Lightness – Merino is lighter than any other sheep’s wool
• Softness – Merino is fine and soft and can be worn next to skin without irritation
• Naturally breathable – Merino fibres trap air in small pockets, retaining heat and releasing it when you overheat
• Natural elasticity – Merino has natural stretch and returns to its original shape after exercise
• Warmth – Merino is a warm natural fibre that retains heat in tiny air pockets similar to down feathers
• Odour resistant and anti-bacterial properties – limits effect of sweating during exercise
• Absorbent – Merino Wool can absorb up to 35 per cent of its weight in moisture before it feels damp

PQ Collection is available in five colours: Black, Navy, Grey Marl, Fjord Blue and Bright Red.

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